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Federal Customers

A&GS Contractor Inc is a trusted industrial HVAC and refrigeration contractor in the Puerto Rico private sector. We look forward to expanding our business and expertise into the public sector by partnering with your agency to improve your environment.

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Company Data



SBA Profile: P2923397


238220 – Plumbing, heating, and air conditioning contractor

238220 – Central cooling equipment and piping installation

238220 – Commercial freezer installation

238220 – Cooling tower installation

Set Asides

Hispanic American

Other Minority Owned 

Small disadvantaged business certified 

100% Local to Puerto Rico

Contact Information

Kendra Kelch, MSL

Business Specialist, Contracts



Industrial HVAC – building, maintaining, and repairing large-scale HVAC systems in hospitals, hotels, and office buildings.

Ammonia refrigeration – building and maintaining complex thermodynamic system using ammonia chemicals to chill food or pharmaceutical goods to below freezing temperatures.

Air chiller rentals – 4 large air chillers available for rent for months or years, installation and maintenance included in our services.


One of the only HVAC contractors in Puerto Rico to own our air chillers, cutting out the hassle of logistics and extra fees for our customers.


The only certified provider of ammonia refrigeration in Puerto Rico.

Our president has over 30 years of technical experience in the industry, and a reputation for answering when others do not and producing quality work.

Certified welders and refrigeration technicians on staff reduce the need for subcontracting and bottlenecks in the field.


Our business specialist is well-versed in the FAR, having received a degree in Government Contracting & Procurement, reducing complex contract issues.

Strong, years-long partnerships with mainland suppliers like Daikon, TRANE, and Carrier, as well as local carriers to ensure streamlined supply chain.

Past Performance

Though all our past performance is in the private sector, we boast countless satisfied customers on the island.


To name a few:

  • Ballester Hermanos – food wholesaler, 2023, Dorado PR, ammonia refrigeration

  • Martin Brower – commercial project, 2019, Bayamon PR, refrigeration system

  • Asociacion de Empleados del Estado Libre Asociado – government building, 2019, Hato Rey PR, water chiller replacement

For more information on past performance, email us at

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